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Join our TEAM and make a DIFFERENCE

The Jones County Emergency Operations Center is currently hiring full and part-time dispatchers. Become the central eyes and ears behind the emergency services in Jones County!


Both of our full-time and part-time dispatching staff are offered competitive pay rates, placing our dispatch center as one of the highest paid in the state.


Our full-time positions come standard with benefits, including health, vision/hearing and dental, retirement, and paid time off.


With generous PTO hours provided each pay period, our employees can rest easy during vacation or sick
days from work.

The Jones County Emergency Operations Center, located near downtown Laurel, is ccurrently looking for motivated individuals to fill full and part-time dispatch positions. The E911 dispatch center services all of Jones County, as well as the cities, with a colective population of around 70,000 people. Our dispatchers are responsible for maintaining clear and concise communication between the communities of our county and cities, and our emergency services and personnel, which include police (Ellisville Police Department, Jones County Sheriff's Department, Laurel Police Department, Sandersville Police Department & Soso Police Department), fire (Ellisville Fire Department, Laurel Fire Department, and the 18 county Volunteer Fire Departments), and the Jones County Emergency Operations Center. The dispatch center is also responsible for notifying various agencies, including Emergency Medical Services, Mississippi Highway Patrol, and others.

All of our dispatchers are highly qualified, trained and certified men and women who serve their community and emergency services with the highest regard.

Our in-house training provides one-on-one with an experienced dispatcher to provide the trainee all of the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed before being placed on the main dispatch floor.  All dispatchers are required to obtain the and maintain State mandated training by the borad of Emergency Telecommunications Standards and Training, which is paid for by the EOC pending the successful conpletion of the training period. 

Prospective employees must be willing to submit to a background check, drug test, polygraph examination, and psychological evaluation.

I love being a dispatcher because I care about the men and women in uniform, and will always do my very best to make sure they go home . I know at any given moment someone’s life can change and if I can be that voice that makes a difference, then my time is well worth it .

Katie B.

911 Dispatcher

Everyday is different whether it’s good or bad. I get to help many people on a daily basis and it’s rewarding knowing I’m helping my community. My officers and deputies are important, as well as Fire and First responders. It is my job to make sure their day goes as well as possible and that they go home safe at the end of their shifts or calls.

Susan W.

911 Dispatcher


22 Mason Street
Laurel, MS 39440 


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